Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Broker, Lender 

Provide superior service and personal satisfaction knowing that your clients are afforded the benefits of a comprehensive energy audit during the sale or purchase of an existing property.

There is no better time than prior to move-in to invest in upgrades to the existing home to make significant improvements in indoor air quality, comfort and energy savings.

As a Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Broker or Lender you will show your commitment to each and every buyer/seller by encouraging a comprehensive energy audit that is performed prior to closing.

Give your clients the advantage of getting the most for their home, at the time of the sale, by conducting a comprehensive energy audit to determine the improvements that need to be made before the sale. Tangible evidence, reports using energy modeling software, physical testing tools and infrared thermography help to locate problem areas and define ways to correct them.

Driven by rising energy costs and environmental concerns, a trend is taking shape in cities and neighborhoods across the state (country?). Josco Energy community can assist the Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Broker and Lender as well as the home buyer and /or seller to evaluate and recommend improvements that are right for you.

Help the buyer purchase the house of their dreams or the seller of a “green” home to get the price that it’s worth.

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