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There are three stages of NJ Energy Managers that can be utilized to be a custom fit to your home or office today. The Standard fits are 100 amp, 200 amp, and 400 amp. According to various criteria asked in the purchase page, we can customize our product so that you can utilize your energy as efficient as possible.

Commercial & Industrial 

Installations can be done at factories, offices, hospitals, airports, convenience stores and supermarkets from the smallest corner shop to the largest industrial complex. Substantial improvements can be made to air conditioners, refrigerators, escalators, presses, compressors, hydraulics, saws, injection molds, pumps, conveyors and crushers…to name a few

Government Rebates

Ask your state government for a refund on power factor reduction correction that can pay for you NJ Energy Manager today!

10 Years Warranty

NJ Energy Conference warrants the NJ Energy Energy Manager to be free of defects in material or workmanship. If the NJ Energy Manager should become defective with 10 years of purchase date, NJ Energy Utilities Management will repair or replace, free of charge, any part which is defective due to workmanship or materials.

Warranty Limitation

• Begins at the date of original purchase.
• Applies to products used within the United States.

Warranty Void

• The product is improperly installed or used.
• The product has a defect or damage due to product accident, alteration, connection to an improper electrical supply, fire, flood, lightning, shipping, and handling, or other condition beyond the control of NJ Energy Utilities Management.
• Warranty does not include usual wear, damage resulting from the accident or unreasonable use of the product.
• Damages arising from physical abuse, units that have been opened or taken apart.
• This warranty does not apply to damages claimed in excess of the cost of the replacement unit, and although this warranty outlines specific legal rights, your actual rights may vary from state to state.
• Damages arising from repairs performed by unauthorized personnel, during transportation, or delivery, negligence,
abandonment, in or any other cause by the act of god.